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Media Plan is a strategic Competitor Intelligence & Marketing Agency assisting Fortune 500, Tourism, Gaming, & Publicly Listed Companies achieve rapid & sustainable growth through our suite of Marketing Intelligence & Digital Marketing Products.

Expect great results from a dedicated team of professionals that work on strategies based on raw data, quality content and viral marketing.

Technology and market changes can happen at a moment’s notice, and we are constantly on standby to make the relevant adjustments to keep up with these changes by monitoring your data daily.

Why MediaPlan?


We understand that engaging content is crucial to draw customers back on their own terms. Expect creative, relevant and interesting content so that customers can be converted when the time is right.  



About Us

We Are Your MediaPlan

Among us are Growth Hackers, Data Analysts and User Onboarding Specialists that bring to the table a unique digital strategy that will help you maintain consistent growth. We focus on scaling user growth, engagement and retention for high growth companies within the iGaming, eLearning, tourism and government and Fortune 500 space. 

We Evolve

Always Ahead

Basing our marketing and analytic strategies on actual data we are able to hit the right targets each and every time. We provide you with the necessary tools that will allow you to to react, scale and remain at the forefront of the industry. By asking the right question and finding solutions we are a step ahead in the game.

We’re Different

Growth Hacking mixed with Viral Marketing

Exploring original and intuitive ways to hack your organic user growth and acquisition enables us to help you achieve aggressive engagement and user acquisition. Those wanting to reach further and experience exceptional results should get in touch for more information. 

Implementing viral strategies across all of your web properties will increase audience size, data capture and conversions x4 – resulting in customers turning into marketers as they spread the word around. This is all achieved by developing the right viral loop strategy.

Growth Hacking

Data Analysis

The customer’s online journey with your brand is managed with the help of viral tools and retention based offers. This helps ensure that they are continually active and interested in your brand. Channeling efforts towards the long-term health of customer relationships is a contributor to the success of any brand.


Viral Loops

Hitting the right targets at the right time is central to boosting your customer acquisition. Our team work by analysing your data on a daily basis to come up with effective methods of engaging them.


Using email, websites, landing pages, viral media portals and social media as communication channels to consumers, we make sure that the right message is being delivered to the right person. Viral and engaging communication methods ensure your consumers’ expectations are met and maintained. 


Our plan building strategy for your campaign involves looking at competitor data, markets and all engagement from these interactions. A thorough analysis of this data will have a monumental effect on the growth of your campaign.

Great content, A/B tests, landing pages, viral media, email, newsletters and quality social media content are all a result of our team of marketers and coders seeking to increase engagement and traction. 

Uses of Competitive Intelligence

  • Strategic planning includes external competitive and market forces
  • Research and structured analysis results in strategically relevant insights
  • Improves operations, finance, strategic planning and marketing
  • Reduces uncertainty about external developments and leads to confident decision making

Track your competitors every move

Competitor Intelligence

Campaign monitoring and campaign hacking strategies allow you to be informed on competitive activity, recognise past market disruptions and dispassionately interpret events using real time data and statistics. By developing a marketing strategy using this information and being able to anticipate any sudden changes in the market, your brand will always be one step ahead. 

Competitive Intelligence

  • Better understanding of competitors market positioning and product messaging
  • Prepare for future market opportunities and disruptions
  • Awareness of other organisations in the market space
  • Conduct strategic moves in the market, prepare a new product launch or new market entry
  • Form counter-competitive strategies against competitors
  • Use proven methods to develop strategies

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If you are looking to generate incredible life time value, reduce CPA and acquire the tools and assets to take your brand to the next level, then you have come to the right place. Our skilful team will put their expertise together to ensure that you get the results your business is looking for.

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